Evidences assure al- Assad's forces to fabricate bombing near al-Dabit hospital of Aleppo

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 3 May, 2016

ElDorar AlShaima:
Witnesses reported to ElDorar AlShamia news network that the blast, which occurred in the vicinity of “al-Dabit” Hospital in the al-Assad regime -held region caused by a bomb blast, not a rocket as promoted by pro al-Assad regime media.
The witnesses confirmed  that the intelligence forces of al-Assad regime hurried  to surround the place after the explosions, and imposed a security cordon and took several photos of the hospital building to support its fake reports that the “armed-opposition” target hospitals.
Two leaked images from a mobile phone has been taken to the vicinity of the hospital, showed a car turned into a wreck and flipped on its back; where it is believed that the bomb was placed underneath, as the pictures showed that there is no holes around the hospital of which indicates that there is no rockets hit the scene, while the windows of the lower floors crashed in the hospital, as soon as the explosion of car bombs which improves  that it is a car bomb rather than the rocket.
For his part, a member of the ambulance staff reported that one of the  injuries have been evacuated from the area said that the explosion happened suddenly, never preceded by a whistling sound, a sound that one hears when a rocket or artillery shells gets into an area.
In the same context, witnesses in the al-Assad regime-control neighborhoods of "Almartini- Aljamilah- Meridian" have confirmed the fact that  when  shells fall they hear the sound of the shell as it was launched and when it fall on their regions, which means that all the process is done in very close sites to their regions , not neighborhoods of the rebel-held . They suggest that the shells sourced from the nearby military points of the al-Assad regime in order to cover up the barrel bombs dropped on the neighborhoods of Aleppo.
The military sources confirmed to the correspondent of ElDorar the killing of eight elements of al-Assad's forces, including officers as a result of the bombing a tunnel under their place in the All-Zahra area in Aleppo, while clashes persist in the vicinity of the Air Force Intelligence Branch.