Syrian Islamic Council: Russian intervention is an occupation force must be fought

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 2 October, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia :

Syrian Islamic Council issued, on Friday, a statement in which it announced that the Russian military intervention in Syria, "an occupying power" must be fought to take it out.

The council said in its statement, "Here is the Russian aviation has started to take its share of crime ,death and destruction, in a blatant, flagrant and advertiser interference to protect the creaking and tottering regime, citing the legitimacy of the regime call to it in the audience to kill the Syrian people, the blessing of the patron of the Russian Orthodox Church, claiming it as “Holy War ".

Islamic Council stressed that "this intervention will not solve the Syrian issue, but it will make it more complex and destabilize security of the whole region, and would not discourage Syrian Revolution to meet its goals."

The statement pointed out that Russia's military intervention attempt, under the pretext of the fight against terrorism or any other pretext or hidden Herald they would fail the Syrian Revolution so that just illusion, and they will certainly vanish just such like all the arrogant aggressor forces in the world and they will be insulted.

On the patron of the church Orthodox remarks in Moscow that the war in Syria is “Holly” According to the Council: "It is not a holy war, it is a dirty war from your side launched aginst children, women and the elderly destroying houses, mosques and churches come on the trees, stone and everything and everybody."

The statement stressed that the Syrian Muslim Council considers "The Russian presence occupying power exercised occupier role in aggression and murder, came to support the criminal tyrant on the oppressed people, and this must be on all factions to fight and remove them from Syria by all available means, and to fight it  that is the greatest jihad," according to the statement.

The statement calls on the leaders of Arab and Islamic countries and called to take firm positions of the Russian blatant aggression and treacherous interference.

At the conclusion of the statement, the Islamic Council "appealed to all combat brigades against the regime to come close to each other in rows and unite, in order not to enable Russians or anyone else to get from you as long as you at the heart of one man."

A photocopy of the statement: