Killing the Last Pediatrician of Aleppo Draws Attention to the Medical bitter reality in Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 29 April, 2016

ElDorar AlShaima:
Medical Reality in Aleppo is Constant Attrition and Specialists Lack
Aleppo lost yesterday, two of its specialist  doctors specialized , one is a Pediatrician and the other one is a dentist, who are  the only remaining doctors in the free Aleppo city, as the Russian fighter jets targeted  (al-Kuds) hospital of “al-Sukari” neighborhood in Aleppo, which means that the medical suffering caused by the lack of medical specialists in those areas has increased more and more, which will negatively impact on civilians who are in those areas, which suffer originally of acute shortage of competent medical personnel.
Shrinking the numbers of doctors and the shortage of Specialists
Aleppo suffers in particular, and liberated areas of Syria in general, of the apparent absence of competent doctors, especially "Anesthesiologists , neurological and general surgery."
In this regard, " Dr Abu Ahmed" a doctor in Zarzour Hospital of Aleppo, told the ElDorar AlShamia News Network" that there are six major hospitals located in the city, one was stopped yesterday, and the others work to receive the injured and wounded in the bombing, to provide medical services and operations are Free for cases of emergency, but  they suffer at the same time a severe shortage of medical staff and doctors, which forced many doctors to perform surgical operations are not in their specialty, pointing out that the whole liberated areas in the city of Aleppo, where there is no any specialist neurological surgery The internal thoracic and internal digestive.
He continued: "A lot of the doctors who were present in the city of Aleppo, went to the refuge countries  or the al-Assad-held areas , in search for a safe haven for them and their families, especially after an increase in cases of targeting the medical facilities, resulting in a worsening of the crisis more than it was."
He added: "The hospitals in Aleppo do not only suffer the lack of doctors, but also the lack of  nurses which forced a lot of colleges or institutes graduates or even has a high school diploma to practice this profession after undergoing a quick courses in first aid, and with the days they were able to gain considerable experience of through constant work, but do not reach the efficiency of professionals. "
Dr concluded. appealing to Syrian doctors over seas and emigrants from Syria to submit contributions to enhance the steadfastness of civilians, even though it was during the holiday period only, to preview the injured and wounded, and provide tips and instructions for medical staff, who is in the city, as well as addressed the medical organizations urging them to focus on recruitment of cadres in League, contributing even a small part in bridging the shortfall.
The suffering of people living in absence of Specialty
"Shawki al-Omar" a civilian injured in Aleppo told the story of losing his eyesight and ability to move, and how it contributed to the lack of presence of specialist doctors get permanent impairments for him; where he said: "I was injured in the lung caused by a fragment of the barrel bomb penetrated my body in ancient Aleppo neighborhood, the wound resulted from internal bleeding in the lungs, the heart stopped for several minutes; what led to the brain problem and the loss of sight and mobility.

Al-Omar resumes: "I went to the operating room in a hospital in Aleppo, but that the lack of technical anesthesia and surgery led to the blood conglomerate bleeding lung near the heart and stop functioning for a few minutes, and quoted in subsequently to the Turkish hospital, but it was too late." .
He appealed to the old Syrian expatriate doctors or residents or refugees in Turkey to Europe to return to Syria, particularly Aleppo, which he described as " the bleeding city" to repair what can be repaired by surgeons.
A clear violation of humanitarian principles
Director-General of the Organization of independent physicians Dr. "Mahmoud Mustafa" says in an exclusive interview with ElDorar AlShamia News Netwol "This systematic ongoing attacks against hospitals in the city of Aleppo is not compatible with the principles of humanitarian action and international humanitarian law, which stresses the neutralized humanitarian medical facilities, and employees humanists for military operations, and criminalizes targeting these points in any way, "adding that such attacks amounted to crimes against humanity, and we ask all international organizations and the international community to stand against.
It is noteworthy that Syria suffer  the era of pre-outbreak of the Syrian revolution from a shortage of doctors and hospitals rates, where the  adopted standards of the World Health organizations refer to the necessity of the availability of 26 doctors per 10 thousand people, where Syria recorded in 2011 , 15 doctors per 10 thousand at the rate of deficit approaching 40%, however, the deficit rate reached 90% after three years of the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, with the systematic campaign of destruction waged by al-Assad president on the rebelling cities and towns, which reflects on the health status even in the occupied territories, where a large number of doctors emigrated to come down the ratio to less than one doctor for 10 thousand people.