Al-Sham Front condemns Russian aggression and considers it a declaration of war

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 1 October, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:

Sham Front condemned on Wednesday the Russian aggression against Syria in the liberated areas, considering it a declaration of war on the Syrian people.
The Front said in a statement: "We are in al- Sham front condemn and deplore the Russian direct military aggression on Syrian territory, and we consider it a declaration of war" against the Syrian people.
The Front confirmed that this is a military intervention to protect Bashar al-Assad "and the biggest evidence of that its shelling on Free Syrian Army headquarters in northern Hama."
The statement appealed to the Security Council and the countries concerned to make decisions correspond to Russian clear and brazen aggression as it describes.
The Front called on all factions in Syria to unite and work to hit the Assad regime and open all fronts throughout the country.
The 12 factions fighters in rural Idlib, Hama, a «Brigades of Farouk Hama, Shohadaa al-Ghab, Aweys al-Qarni, Homat al-Sunna, Shohadaa Al-berkkawih, al-Shahedeen, Givision 6 and 21 infantry, Shohadaa Maaret Herma brigade, al-Mamoun brigade, al-Fateh brigade in Hama, and Nosour al-Ghab brigade in Hama» announced in March the formation of« al-Sham Front ».
A photocopy of the statement: