Victims number of the Russian Jet fighter raids is Increasing in Homs

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 30 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:

The number of victims who were killed on Wednesday by the Russian Jet which targeted the liberated areas in the north of Homs is 37 civilians and dozens wounded.
Activists reported that Russian warplanes stepped up air raids on liberated villages and towns in north of Homs, where the town of Zafarana was targeted with thermobaric rockets, 11 civilians were killed and wounding dozens, and the town has seen the movement of displaced towards unknown areas and a a state of terror and fear prevailed in the region.
At the same time the city of Talbisa came under several air raids by the Russian Aviation distributed to the whole city neighborhoods especially residential and civic neighborhoods those are distant fronts, led to kill about 20 people, including women and children, and a large number of wounded, while some civilians still under the rubble of their homes, coincided with the bombing of artillery from Mallouk camp on the place of the air raids and the rest of the neighborhoods, the raids have caused unprecedented destruction in residential buildings where the houses and the targeted areas were destroyed completely.
Six civilians, including a father and four children from the same family died as well as a number of wounded in the Russian aviation targeting the city of Rastan with thermobaric rockets, also Russian fighter jets raided the area around the villages of Alfarhaniah and Almakramiah, which led to fall of a dead and several wounded.
It is worth mentioning that the aviation observatories in the area spotted a Russian aviation takeoff from Latakia airbase where carried out an aggressive campaign on the northern Homs several huge missiles for the first time which are high explosive.
In another development, the rebels targeted  the pro- Assad regime villages with homemade rockets in response to heavy shelling that targeted the towns and villages of Homs.