The Military Commander of Shohadaa al-Yarmouk killed and six Elements Captured in Daraa

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 4 April, 2016
Military Commander of Shohadaa al-Yarmouk / Jordanian

ElDorar AlShamia:
ElDorar AlShamia correspondent confirmed  the  killing of the military commander of the Shohadaa al-Yarmouk which pledges allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) organization during the battles today in the village of “Udwan” Rural Daraa.
Our correspondent said that the military commander is a Jordanian, nicknamed "Abu Tahrir" had joined Shohadaa al-Yarmouk a year ago after defecting from the faction of Syria Revolutionaries Front and accused them of apostasy.
At the same context, the rebel fighters have been able to capture six elements and killed five others during liberating process of the town of Udwan, which was dominated by the coalition of "al-Muthana and Shohadaa al-Yarmouk Movement- pledge allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) organization   in earlier battles.
The militant factions, especially  especially Jaysh al-Yarmouk,  the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham , Jaysh al-Islam and the South Front  factions plan to fight up toward the towns of (Tseel,, Sahem al-Golan al-Shajara, Nafe’a and Jumla),which are the most important and the last remaining strongholds of the organization in Daraa.