An Agreement between the "Conquest Aleppo" and "bkk" about Sheikh Maksoud crossing

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 29 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:

Conquest  Aleppo operations room said the words of its leader, "Maj. Yasser Abd al-Rahim" and nicknamed "Abu Arif" in an audio broadcast of the means of social communication record that the room has reached an agreement with Kurdish militias on Sheikh Maksoud crisis, has said, "Abdul Rahim" several items were It agreed and came in their content:
Not to open the crossing in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood outside the system's control and which was supposed to be up between the neighborhood and the areas controlled by the Assad regime, and work to raise the earth barricade thrown on the road Alcastelo "artery of the city of Aleppo" and vowed the militia not to target the road and promote stationed points on the regime fronts in the neighborhood in Sheikh Maksoud by Conquest  Aleppo operations room fighters.
In addition to working to secure the safe passage of civilians from the Kurds and to Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood.
He added, "Abdel-Rahim," it will be the settlement of the situation of detainees by both parties and the status of the Commission to resolve the legitimate subject of Afrin and crossings with it.
It should be noted that the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood had witnessed strikes between rebel factions and the "bkk" against the backdrop of the recent willingness to open crossing up between Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood and areas controlled by Assad's forces, which led to the outbreak of sporadic clashes resulted in the interruption of Alcastelo through as a result of monitoring by the "bkk" .