Factions of the Southern Front set up an operations room under the "House of Justice" umbrella of Horan

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 24 March, 2016
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ElDorar AlShamia:
Several factions of the  South Front, announced to form a joint operations room under the umbrella of the courthouse to evict Shohadaa al-Yarmouk Brigade of Horan from areas they had dominated.
A Statement issued by the factions stated that it was formed a joint operations room under the umbrella of the Justice Court ,Horan to encounter the  al-Assad regime's agents those  get extremist” takfiri” thought.
The statement pointed out that several towns have been cleared of the (ISIS) supporters  "Kharab al-Shahem, Tal Shehab, Muzeireeb, Tafas and Zayzoun."
The factions also announced that the towns, "Glenn, Sheikh Saad, and Sahem al-Golan as" military zones, and called on civilians to stay away from and go to the Southern-factions-held areas to be safe until they might be cleared.
The factions appealed to the people of Horan to call their children who were tricked and joined the organization of the “Islamic State” and regularize their status in the House of Justice which is guaranteed  by the  Southern Factions to save the blood of Horan sons.
The most prominent signatory factions to the statement: Jaysh al-Yarmouk , al-Mohajreen &al-Ansar brigade, Jaysh al-Moataz Bellah, Shabab al-Sunnah Squad, the Fajer al-Islam Squad , Fajer al-Tawhid squad and others.