Ahrar al-Sham: No problem we fly the flag of the revolution and our project is different from Al-Nusra's

Labib NAhhas | 24 March, 2016
ElDorar AlShamia:

"Labib Nahhas" head of foreign political relations in the "Islamic
movement of Ahrar al-Sham " asserted that the movement " does not have any problem in the subject of raising the Independence Flag , and even from the legitimacy standpoint it purely does not matter and nothing wrong goes with, as well as being the most important revolutionary collective icon , where many movement's leaders and its members raised the Independence  flag in some demonstrations, without any embarrassment. "

This came during an interview for "Nahhas" with the newspaper of "Al-A'hd" where he said: "The relationship with the al-Nusra Front are such as the relationship with any faction fighting the regime, we are coordinating with them on the ground in common fronts, they are a faction known for its fiercely fighting against the regime, but our project is completely different from theirs and their vision for the future of Syria. "

When he was asked about the political ties of the movement, and the independence of its decision, said: "We have got
distinct  relationship with regional allies, and are working to turn out to be a true strategic relationship, so the Syrian revolution is the strategic depth for them, and they support us on various levels, and aim the Syrian revolution to be the platform from which the regional alliance of (Turkish - Saudi - Qatari), has intersect of interests with the interests of the revolution, at the same time bring stability and security to the region.
As for the international parties, there are channels of communication directly allows us to deliver our vision and inagination of what is happening on the scene, and opens the door for construction discussion to serve the interest of the country, and we believe that these channels have had a very positive role in the recent months ,as the Syrian revolution approaches a very serious political turning point. As for the political decision of the movement then praise be to God, we have maintained since the beginning of the revolution on the decision independence , although direct or indirect pressure, but this does not mean that we do not communicate with the revolutionary Syrian parties sensitive and fateful decisions. "