Lebanese "Hezbollah" Vocalist reveals its Mashaikh corruption stories

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 29 September, 2015
Vocalist Ali Barakat
Vocalist Ali Barakat

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Lebanese "Hezbollah" vocalist " Ali Barkat" the singer of  "All Over your victory in Yabrud" song, told stories about the corruption of the clergy in Hezbollah known as (al-Sayed)  he said that he saw by himself.
"Barakat" has confirmed that one of the clergy, "al-Sayed", did not mention his name, bought for his old son (17 years old) an apartment in the southern suburb of Beirut which costs  $ 500 thousand, while another "Sayed" visits furnishings galleries every six months and change his furniture, spending tens of thousands of dollars every time, while a cleric from Hezbollah paid more than 80 thousand dollars to an owner of Motor Show to buy a car, but his wife did not accept it and asked him to buy another luxurious one.
Many sources, the most notably site "Janobia" Shiite opposition to the policies of "Hezbollah" confirmed the existence of the case of increasing grumbling in the ranks of Hezbollah; as a result of the large losses in Syria, while most families of the victims did not receive compensation.