Aleppo Conquest warns never any crossing to be open with the al-Assad regime

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 8 September, 2015
A scanned copy of the statement:

ElDorar AlShamia:
"Aleppo Conquest" operations room issued a statement bears the number (17), on Tuesday, about the possibility of opening up a crossing between the rebel regions and the regime-held areas .
And stating that due to the lack of activating the role of a security institution and an independent united authority  in Aleppo. Aleppo Conquest considers any opening act of a crossing by any faction between the occupied and liberated territories without the consent of the Room is null.
Thus, "Aleppo Conquest"  considers any crossing will be open it will aim at theft and looting, and to let regime customers to pass in causing chaos in the region and will be treated like a military target.
Activists circulating news about intention of the protectors units of the Kurdish people to open a crossing  in Sheikh Maksoud area between the liberated areas and areas of the regime and the Kurdish areas will be the link point.