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Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 September, 2015

US Newspapers:

Financial Times

In an article the author says that Assad evokes the struggle between the two main powers around the world

US-Russia: The battle for Syria

Renewed support for Assad triggers alarm over Putin’s intentions, while Washington is under pressure to end the war

Foreign Policy  

Revealing the plot tricked by Russia the newspaper says in this very feature

Voice: Russia’s Game Plan in Syria Is Simple

Moscow increased its military footprint in Syria seemingly exponentially, White House press secretary Josh Earnest declared that the administration had come no closer to deciphering Moscow’s motives for its stepped-up presence in the area.

Wall Street Journal

The French President tries to hold a deal saying:

Hollande Says France Ready to Discuss Syria With All Powers

France is ready to discuss the Syrian conflict with all interested parties but a solution must center around Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stepping down during a political transition, President François Hollande said Sunday.

Washington Times

The newspaper writes about the Putin plans:

Putin’s plans for Russian military in Syria has U.N., Obama on edge

Vladimir Putin’s speech Monday is shaping up to be biggest of this year’s U.N. General Assembly, as Obama administration officials brace for the Russian leader to lambaste their failed Syria policy and call on the world to get behind his plan for saving the war-torn Middle East from the clutches of the Islamic State.

New York Times

It talks about the Russian movement which shocked the western countries

Russia Surprises U.S. With Accord on Battling ISIS

Russia left the United States scrambling by reaching an understanding with Iraq, Syria and Iran to share intelligence about the Islamic State militants.

Los Angeles Times

Analysis: With Syria policy in tatters, Obama may relax stance on Assad

With its Syria policy in tatters and Europe alarmed at a tide of refugees, the Obama administration and its allies are contemplating a policy shift that once seemed unthinkable: A peace formula that would allow President Bashar Assad to remain in office, at least on an interim basis.

New York Post

Putin to address United Nations for first time in a decade

Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking for a few good allies to help fight ISIS — as long as they leave the Syrian government alone. Putin said he would ask...

UK Newspapers:

The Guardian

Before we negotiate with Assad, he has to stop the atrocities against Syrian civilians

Ending Assad’s systematic attacks on his people is imperative – and key to any realistic strategy for containing Isis

‘The result of Assad’s actions has been the utter devastation of broad swaths of Ghouta (pictured), Aleppo, Idlib, Daraa and other areas held by the opposition.’ Photograph: Bassam Khabieh/Reuters


The need to negotiate with leaders as unsavoury as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is an unfortunate reality of diplomacy. But western leaders should be careful not to confuse that necessity with the idea promoted by Russia that the Syrian crisis can be resolved only if Assad stays in power. Nor should they believe that Assad’s ongoing rule is the only way to prevent the collapse of the Syrian state and protect Syria’s diverse communities.

The Times

Putin slams the ‘failed’ US war on Isis

The Russian leader has formed a Moscow-led alliance to battle the jihadists in the run-up to his first appearance in a decade at the UN assembly

The Independent

Russia now has troops on the ground in the fight against Isis

Palmyra may be the first Islamist target to be attacked

Assad can stay in power - but only for now, admits Cameron

The Prime Minister will address the UN in New York in a bid to revitalise the Syrian peace process, and raises the possibility of a grand, anti-Isis coalition

The Telegraph

PM: Assad has to go for peace in Syria

David Cameron insists that Bashar Assad must eventually stand down as Syria's president, which puts him at odds with both Iran and Russia

Russian troops will not fight in Syria 'for now', says Putin

Vladimir Putin denies battlefield role for Russian forces in Syria ahead of key UN speech, but reiterates calls to support Bashar Assad's embattled Syrian government

Con Coughlin: Britain's feeble response to the Syrian crisis has left us irrelevant on the world stage

Rather than worrying about Assad’s fate, the major powers should concentrate their resources on tackling the real enemy – Isil

The Express

Time to work WITH Russia? David Cameron WILL drop demand to oust Assad to defeat ISIS

DAVID Cameron was last night preparing to drop his call for Syria’s President Bashar al Assad to step down in an attempt to form a coalition with Russia to defeat the Islamic State.