Israeli Defense Minister: We support the independence of the Alawites and Kurds to fight others

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 15 March, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, confirmed his support to "autonomy for the Kurds, Alawites regions" adding that the pursuit of maintaining a united Syria  is just a "wishful thinking."

He said in the meeting, which was preceded by a meeting with his US counterpart Ashton Carter: "There is no way to stay united Syria, so let us strive to be a way to have the kind of which the federal with those who accept it, and then fight the others."
He explained that "there are regions have already established in the region, we have a region of Alawitestan mainly led by Bashar al-Assad, and we have the Syrian Kurdistan in advance, you know that the Turks in the north are not happy with this, but at the end there for the Kurds autonomy in Syria" according to the saying, hinting at the same time, "the possibility that Druze get their autonomy as well."
However, "Ya'alon" ruled of that the Sunnis  Syrians have their own region  due to” Dispersion" saying: "When it comes to the organization of the Sunnis, there are" Islamic State ,Al-Nusra Front, the followers of al-Qaeda, the elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as civilians Sunnis."
Israeli minister described what is happening in the Middle East as a "political earthquake" warning of the Iranian role in the region, saying: "Certainly the dominants in Tehran, in a way they are in control in Baghdad via Shiite government there."
He pointed out that Iran "dominate Beirut through Hezbollah, and they now dominate Damascus" attacking the nuclear deal, which the United States signed and five major powers with Iran last year to limit the activity of Iran's nuclear weapons program, saying it "will pave the emergence of radical Shiite alliance It would use the agreement to secure their dominance. "
Israeli minister comments came in the context of a panel discussion he attended in the "Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars of Washington, where he visited. He considered  the attempt to preserve the unity of Syria by any political leadership is "just wishful thinking ."