Three minor prisoners tell how the Israeli occupation harassed them

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 14 March, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:
Three underage prisoners in Israeli "Hasharon" prison,told details about Israeli occupation soldiers and interrogators’ harassing against them and details during their detention, without regard to age.
According to the the detainees (Rama Djaabis -14 years), and (Malak Salman, 16years, from Jerusalem), to the lawyer of “Prisoners' Club” during their visit in prison, that Israeli soldiers pushed them to ground when they were arrested , handcuffed and beat them saying obscene insults.
The prisoners added that the occupation investigators did not allow to their parents or lawyers to present the questioning, and so did with  Sajida Hassan another prisoner -16years , from Nablus.
The Prisoners' Club said: the law provides that family members should attend the detainee's investigation or his \her lawyer during the investigative process, so that the child can not be exposed to extract confessions from him\her forcibly.
It is noteworthy that the three girls have been captured and still since last February.