"Bode Well for Patients" “Basher al-Sabreen” Battle achieved a new victory in Queintra Countryside

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 September, 2015
ElDorar AlShamia Lens - Archive Photo
ElDorar AlShamia Lens - Archive Photo

ElDorar AlShamia:

ElDorar’s confirmed that the fighters of  “Basher al-Sabreen”battle managed to tighten their grip on the Tranjh company fully in the northern countryside of Quneitra after fierce fighting against Assad's forces stationed there.
The ElDorar correspondent added that the control of the Tranjh company on Monday came after heavy fighting began two days before the results of controlling the barrier and al-Amal farms.
The importance of the battle is due to its goal of opening the way for Western Ghouta through seizing  of the rest of the defense forces points to Assad forces "Tal-Ahmar - The LUN Hill ".
There is a number of rebel factions involved in the battle and most notably: "Fatah al-Sham operations room, Jaish al-Islam, Syria Revolutionaries Front, Ansar al-Din, and Qassioun brigades".