Absent meanings on media about the Russian intervention in Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 28 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:

Arab and International newspapers filled up with the news of the Russian intervention in Syria, as the media preoccupied by counting the Russian fighters number, and the hardware from tanks and aircraft, in which readers felt that one operations room manages those media, especially global ones, though, that the Russian military presence is Old in Syria, specifically in the coastal areas of Tartous and Latakia.

Russia no longer trust the Assad regime
Russia during the last years
has provided a political cover for the al-Assad regime in international forums, and used its veto power in several positions in the Security Council, and in return Assad regime is Assad required to secure the interests of Russia not at all Syria, because Russians think in the ports on the Mediterranean, but the equation is broken down with the first approaching of Jaish al-Fateh to the strongholds of al-Assad in the al-Ghab plain, and the regime collapses made its allies to throw their confidence, prompting them to deploy forces in a number of strategic areas such as Slenfeh summit, and Doreen hill.


Russian – Iranian conflict
Iran has recruited all it can muster from Shi'ite militias in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and even Iran, it is well-known for all that Iran funds and political cost is not a charity or sympathy with al-Assad, but the belief that the Syrian regime loss that Iran has spent dozens of years to break, means to lose its right arm in the region means, and this Iranian incursion, even fought for the negotiations with the rebels on behalf of the regime is no longer appeal to the Russians, it is not true that Iran, Assad regime, Russia and China are one unity, but each party has its own interests, and the tyranny of the Iranian role and control of the regime decision in Syria as a result of the proliferation of militias, no longer convenient for the Russian bear, no longer trusts that anyone able to secure the interests but Russia itself .


Settlement Looming
Russia does not want to be outside the scope of any international settlement in Syria, especially among the high international voices calling for the Assad departure either in a political solution, or military one , the Russian surprise intervention, which came without warning embodies the maximum extent of its concerns to be ruled out of any political settlement Russia would not be a part of it, thus run the risk of depriving it of its outlets in warm water, and the best choice for that is the military presence as a means of political negotiation, particularly when Russia announced several times that it will support the formation of a transitional governing body of the national opposition and some figures of the Assad regime.

War on terror Chord
Russia abounds of playing the chord of terrorism in order to justify the recent intervention, why  not, wasn’t this the most joyful trend it became widespread in West and around the globe, and Russia deliberately to shuffle the cards of each period through leaking from here or there, its intention to target the revolutionary factions under the pretext of proliferation of foreign fighters within their ranks, and it is not strange to do so especially if it is approaching its influence in the Sahel regions, but it is definitely progress on certain committing suicide if they tried to support the regime to restore and recover what they lost, and Afghanistan for Russia is not  too-distant future.


What do the Shiite militias fail to get, will not be achieved by Russia
The Engagement of thousands of Shiite fighters from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan in fighting alongside Assad's regime, which began strongly and directly two years ago, it is true that it stood to a large extent in the face of the rebels progress on the Assad regime, and these militias collapsed soon, particularly the Lebanese Hezbollah after losing the core cadres, and the forces of the elite, then Hezbollah became obliged to send a human numbers is non-trained only for the continuation of the battles and the preservation of non-withdrawal, and now media outlets close to the it promotes its withdrawal of Syria under the pretext that Russia wants it, but the reality indicates a complete near collapse, if we assume that Russia decided to intervene militarily and tried to regain what the regime lost, what could have done more than of those who preceded it?

Not to be forgotten that the recent media pumping about Russian troops intended mainly from the United States, and Western countries, which want Russia to be demonizes and show it as a strong ally to Assad, so that it is falling- in case it happens- painful as the echo of its intervention.