Assad regime and Hezbollah Accused to seeking for a demographic change of Zabadani

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 7 March, 2016
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ElDorar AlShamia:
A local official of Zabadani city ,Rif Dimashq accused on Monday, the Assad regime and Hezbollah militias of seeking to bring about a demographic change in the region through the policy of systematic destruction of residential buildings despite the truce agreement.
The head of the local council in the city of Zabadani (Jamil Tinawi) said: "The Assad regime and the Lebanese militia of Hezbollah, set off about 60 buildings in the vicinity of the city controlled by the factions , since September 2015, in order to change the western demographic of Damascus during the evacuation of its inhabitants. "

 Tinawi added :" The Assad and Hezbollah militias were continuing in the systematic destruction process of residential buildings for the city of Zabadani despite the truce took effect, especially buildings located on the outskirts of the main roads leading to the city, aimed at ending the hopes of civilians to return to their homes, and bring about a demographic change in the region, through extend their control over the land in the vicinity of the city and to own territory by illegal ways.

The local administrator of the opposition to the Assad regime noted that" the leaders of Hezbollah, offered to sell civilians’ land and their property in exchange for their departure and not to be subjected to them on case they do not return to the city. "
Analysts say that what is happening in Zabadani is a military campaign to complete what Hezbollah had started years ago, as they targeted the towns and villages on the Syrian-Lebanese border that began with the control over the city of al-Qsir and Ybroud and the most cities of Qalmoun area and forced people to displace and then they reached  cities and towns in Wadi Barada and Zabadani, which comes between the last stronghold of the rebels near cities in the Lebanese interior trritory.
It should be noted that the Zabadani city seen fierce battles over several months in an attempt by Assad's forces and Hezbollah militia to progress and control over the whole city to secure the Syrian-Lebanese border.