The first death due to food shortages in the city of Madaya in Rif-Dimashq

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 27 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:

Private sources for the ElDorar  network, confirmed that the child "Mahmoud Dalati" died as a result of the sharp shortage of food in the cities of Bqeen and Madaya in Rif-Domashq.
The sources pointed out the lack of food, livestock deaths due to prevent the Assad forces and the Lebanese "Hezbollah militia the civilians to get off the Zabadani plain, and take advantage of grass in cattle feed.
It is worth mentioning that the "Jaish al-Fateh" sought through negotiations with Iran to enter food to more than 50 thousand besieged  in Bqeen and Madaya, forced by Assad regime all to depart Zabadani and its plain  to toward those areas, as "Jaish al-Fateh" seeks to freeze  the fighting lines there, and to prevent storming of the  besieged towns, in exchange for a stopover for storming al-Fouah.