Civil Defense makes use of the Syrian ceasefire in order to raise readiness of its elements

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 4 March, 2016
During the training, civil defense teams /ElDorar lens

ElDorar AlShamia:
Syrian civil defense exploiting the ceasefire and working to raise the readiness of its elements
With the cessation of hostilities agreement in Syria, which came into force with twelve o'clock at Friday - Saturday midnight, local time, at 22:00 on Friday evening GMT" where the UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution supporting the cessation of hostilities agreement in Syria.
The Syrian civil defense took advantage of the airstrikes pause chance of targeting Syrian rebel-controlled cities to work on the rehabilitation and training of cadres from all disciplines "rescue – firefighting - ambulance."
"Ali Obaid" Head of Training and Rehabilitation Center told the correspondent of ElDorar network  that the center put a training program includes practical and theoretical exercises . The first aims to raise the working level of the components of the civil defense.  And for theoretical exercises, their  mission is to enable the commander of the clique "group" to make the right decision by performance of the work in accordance with the requirements and the possibilities in front of him.
“Obaid” continued, that the training and rehabilitation center in the western countryside of Aleppo was able to receive many civil defense teams distributed in the governorates "Aleppo - Idlib," to be subjected to training courses, thanks to that the relative stop of the Russian air raids on civilians and he added afterthought: Most of the elements of civil defense works daily to lift and save civilians have not had the opportunity to undergo any kind of training to raise efficiency, largely due to the loss of the time factor; they spend most of their time either inside the rescue vehicles among the rubble of houses that had been shelled.
He noted  that the civil defense mission in Syria is to protect civilians from the dangers arising from the war, they are neutral and impartial and not belonging to any political, religious or military organizations teams, and the work nature of the Civil Defense cadres in the province of Aleppo differs from any similar work as teams in a deadlock alert around the clock, and resume day and night, has not lost sight of their sun-war three years ago.
The civil defense teams are at risk on an ongoing basis, as their members work under bombardment by tanks and snipers in front amid clashes.
The teams give the first aid to the injured and recover bodies, also work on repairing the damage wrought by the battles of the targeted neighborhoods.