Historic speech for "Hassan Nasrallah" admits his defeat in Zabadani

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 25 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Secretary-General of the militia the Lebanese "Hezbollah," Hassan Nasrallah, admitted the cost paid by Hezbollah in Zabadani battles in Rif-Dimashq was expected, due to the presence of large numbers of "militants" without discussing the details of those losses.
It came in a television appearance for "Nasrallah" on , "Al-Manar"TV, he stressed that the attack on Kefraya and al-Fouah prevented the control of Zabadani, because they are beginning to take into account the reality of negotiation.
"Nasrallah" pointed out that the agreement includes allowing to exit those who wishes among the "armed rebels" and their families from Zabadani to Idlib, versus just 10 thousands of civilians to exit of al-Fouah.
And so one of the members of the negotiating team from Jaish al-Fateh has reported to the ElDorar network  that the recent progress made by the army in al-Fouah and Kefraya forced Iran and Hezbollah to reduce the ceiling of their conditions in the negotiations, where Iran initially required to release the whole people from the al-Fouah and Kefraya, to acquiesce and accept that the exit of 10 thousands of women and children, and the Shiite militias to stay.
The Member- who preferred not to reveal his name- added that the Jaish al-Fateh on its way to impose a no-fly for the first time in the Syrian revolution, including Idlib and some neighboring cities and towns of the province, refusing to talk in detail about the terms of the agreement, and leaving it for a moment of the official media, considering that the agreement is not yet done .
It is worth mentioning that "Nasrallah" has famous speeches, and unrealistic since the Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria, and used the term "concluded", in reference to the Syrian revolution for many times.