Fateh al-Sham alliance announced the beginning of the battle to lift the siege on the Ghouta

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 25 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:

"Fateh al-Sham" alliance announced on Friday, the start of a battle under the slogan "to Bode well for patient", in order to liberate a number of strategic points in Quneitra, opening the way to the western Ghouta.

The statement stressed that "on support of our people in Zabadani and Ghouta, and because of the fierce attack from the Russians and Shiites and Nusayris against our nation , the "Fateh al-Sham" alliance announce the start of the battle (to Bode well for patient), which aims to liberalize a number of strategic points in Quneitra, to open the way for the trapped Western Ghouta, with the participation of a number of factions operating in the region. "

Also referred to as an alliance that includes Fateh al-Sham, “Aknaf bait al-Makdes”  , Ansar al-Huda , the “Project Of Building A Nation” and a brigade of the martyr Ahmed al-Omar and the Islamic Union of Ajnad al-Sham hosts of sham , a brigade of Aisha, the mother of believers and the battalion Abu Abeida ibn al-Jarrah