Few kilometers separate "IS" from Idlib province

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 24 February, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

The Islamic State (IS)  is now close to approach the province of Idlib more than ever , after it took  control, Tuesday afternoon of Khanasser town in the southern countryside of Aleppo bordering eastern countryside of Idlib, and its militants are less than 15 km meters from the villages in the eastern countryside of Idlib, and 30 km from the liberated Abu al-Dohour military airport in Idlib , after the (IS) militants withdrawal of more than 20 villages in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, the most notably   area is the thermal station.
The Islamic State group’s attack to coincide with the truce
Author and researcher, "Maher Alloush" predicted that "IS" group  will seek to enter the province of Idlib, with Russian blessing, which in turn seeks to exhaust the factions of the Syrian revolution in Idlib through battles, while Assad militias, foreign militias and Russia to take a break and stay watching   and making use of the truce period significantly, while the revolutionary factions can not take any rest.
" Maher Alloush" thinks that the Russian strikes will calm down in the next few days, and  to be escalated again  later targeting the revolution factions generally under the pretext of fighting "Al-Nusra Front."
Controversial Russian raids on the Assad regime sites during the battle of Khanasser
Special Military sources confirmed to "ElDorar” network that Russia's jets targeted a convoy belonging to the forces of al-Assad was heading to  Khanasser, through the only supply route of Aleppo in in order to break the siege ; where the Russian raids burned three buses of soldiers killing the whole elements inside , and damaged a  tank and an armored vehicle, while four ballistic rockets landed on Assad militia positions inside "the town of  Khanasser" sourced from Russian warships , where  the Islamic State militants declined from going to the air defense battalion, only 3 km from the town, as signs that the organization  does not participate on serious battles.
Estern Idleb countryside is fertile ground for "Islamic State"
Eastern Idleb countryside is full of the Islamic State (IS) cells , military sources for "ElDorar AlShamia” network confirmed that some battalions stationed to the west of Khanasser, and in the countryside of Idlib actually participated in the attack coincide with the Islamic State’s  , amid conflicting reports about the subordination of those battalions to the (IS) group; where other sources pointed out that these battalions are named "Liwa’ al-Tawba” that pledges allegiance secretly to (IS) organization, while other sources reported that it is from Jund al-Aqsa the  Turkestan party, but the fact is that they launched an attack of the western  Khanasser in conjunction with the (IS) organization attack on the area.
The coming battle of (IS) group is still hard to be predicted,; where it carried out ,before this time, the process of cutting supplying routes of the Assad regime to Aleppo near Khanasser, to open the road after several days; where it tried last time to ease theAssad militia attack on positions in Kweris airport and it vicinity , but the current withdrawals east Aleppo, and the insistence of Russia and America on an item not to exclude "The Islamic State" of hostilities, which opens expectations widely, especially that the organization has a history of beating the liberated areas during its retreating in front of the  Assad militias and the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), like, trying to control the city of Mare` in the countryside of Aleppo in conjunction with the withdrawal from the eastern countryside of Aleppo and al-Hasaka countryside.