Nour-Eddine al-Zanki movement and Al-Nusra Front " able to change the battles of Aleppo

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 17 February, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

Iranian , Afghan and Lebanese militias backed by the Russian air force were able divide the northern countryside of Aleppo into two parts, the far north, comprising Tall Rifaat , Mare`, Meneg and Azaz, and the south section that contains Huraytan , Anadan , Hayan and Bayanoun, while tightened foreign militias control over Ratyan , Hardtnin and Marstah to open the way toward Nubul and al- Zahra , the Shi'ite militia stronghold in the province of Aleppo, and still waging attacks on Anadan mountains in order to control more areas in the vicinity of Nubul and al-Zahra.
For its part, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that YPG is the curial component which is driven by separation ambition, allied currently  with Russia and the Assad regime , it  attacked and controlled Meneg  and Tal Rifaat and became on the outskirts of Mare`, and met with the Islamic State (IS) and al-Assad militia in the vicinity of Mare`, in a scene uncovers the pretexts used by the parties in order to hit the Syrian Revolution.
Nour-Eddine al-Zanki movement on the fence
Nour-Eddine al-Zanki movement dominates west countryside of Aleppo, and increases the number of its fighters are more than 5000 elements, according to sources in the movement, but it anticipated the vicious attack by various militias on the northern  Aleppo countryside with a strange declaring where its official spoksman "Abdul Salam Abdul Razak" announced remarks confirm the support cut for the movement several months ago, which  paid to the isolation toward the western countryside.
Several sources in different factions confirmed for ElDorar AlShamia Network that support has stopped almostly for all factions of the Syrian revolution for more than two months, but the majority of the factions did not reduce its participation in the frontlines of Syria, but on the contrary, they have paid  large reinforcements to the fronts of the coast and Aleppo , like Jaysh al-Naser, Jaysh AlEzza , the Squad 13 , the Islamic movement of Ahrar al-Sham, and Sham Army, although the whole factions suffer of support cut.
On the other hand, an official source in the northern Aleppo countryside operations room confirmed  ElDorar network that "al-Zanki" has a strategic stockpile helps them to fight for months, which is called "zero warehouses."
Different factions’  military and political sources expressed in their speech for "ElDorar" astonishment of "al-Zanki" position; where  some see in its attitude  on the fence as a trying to avoid the Russian bombardment and the ravages of war in the western countryside which is the key stronghold of the movement. Others see that this position is due to international understandings, as Syrian Democratic Forces  (SDF) backed by the United States who control "MOC" operations room and supporting its factions.
Although each party cited evidence for its point of view, it is difficult to discount, but the constant in the equation remains that Nur Ed-Din Al-Zanki movement, based in Kobtan al-Jabal , Kfrbasin, and Yakd al-Adas it could progress from the YPG side , in Bashimrah, and Fefertin to prevent it from supporting al-Assad militias and providing them with firearms coverage whilethe Assad forces dominated al-Tamorah on the edge of Anadan; where such a strike would stop YPG militia to progress in the northern countryside of Aleppo, as well as support for Assad militias in the southern sector
Al-Nusra Front refrains to take real part in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Unusually, the absent was Al-Nusra booby-traps and its fighters in the battle of Aleppo northern countryside, and Al-Nusra only participated  with local battalions; where the convoy, which pushed by Al-Nusra Front to Aleppo province days before the campaign just in battles of "Ratyan" after losing the town in favor to the  foreign militias , and the remained fighters involved in local battalions fighting in Anadan and its vicinity, while the rest of the convoy distributed in the city of Aleppo and set up barriers, raising the flags of "al-Qaeda" within the city, at a time that all the international community expressed their approval to target  the “radical \terrorist “Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front during the Munich Conference; which means that the Russian bombardment of Aleppo, will not be blamed or get  any responsibility any more.

Two Military leaders of different factions in the northern Aleppo operations room, in a telephone call  with "ElDorar" stressed that "Al-Nusra Front" After the fall "Ratyan" refrained from participating in a counter attack action, it demanded financial fees in case they participate in the regaining of Ratyan battles, and Marastah al-Khan, and thus re-open the road toward the Turkish border, from Bab al-Salamah crossing. As the rest of the factions reject to interfere the crossing, Al-Nusra announced is was unable to share the get the offensive, as it has recently refrained from entering into the central force that factions intend to compose led by "Hashim al-Sheikh," former commander of the Islamic movement of Ahrar al-Sham.
While observers favored that "Al-Nusra" want to embarrass the factions of Aleppo, and Turkey together, those have asked Al-Nusra to get out of Aleppo, to allow the Turkish air force to support in fighting the northern Aleppo countryside against the Islamic State(IS), before the Russian intervention, which blew up the charts.
In contrast, the military expert Colonel "Munzer" believes that the defensive position taken by the factions of the Syrian revolution, under their ownership of elements of assault on more than one frontlines in the Turkmen Mountains, south Aleppo countryside and north Aleppo countryside, is a matter of surprising, and attributed to a lack of expertise, and working regionally , and the weakness of relying on specialist officers, who could contribute to the creation of an engineering challenge fortifications which avoids the Russian warplanes air strikes much more, that as  he described these strikes as "blind", and very expensive because of their dependence on the density and the injury is not accurate.