Why Turkey refrained to introduce the displaced people of rural Aleppo on its border?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 11 February, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

Recent statistics indicate an increase in the number of civilians fleeing the Crazy Russian bombardment on the northern Aleppo countryside to more than 80 thousand people, most of them headed to the Syrian-Turkish border near Azaz rural Aleppo, amid the full closure of the crossings from the Turkish side.
Humanitarian scene and the absence of international humanitarian organizations
Photos and videos posted by activists from the region, that
show the poor conditions of stranded at the border which have appeals to Turkey,with an angry tone, because who is unable to secure shelter for his children and his family in a bitterly cold,does not have  much time has to think about the reasons for clogged doors in his face, all this in light of the complete absence of international humanitarian organizations, and the activity as much as possible for NGOs.
Turkish position.
It seems strange
for Turkey to get more than 2.5 million refugees, the majority of them live inside Turkish cities, engaged in professions and businesses, while they refused to open their borders to a very small figure compared with the previous figure of 80 thousand refugees from the northern countryside of Aleppo, and a few thousand of Al-Bab City, which opened the door to speculation about the fact that the Turkish position has changed from the Syrian file.
An official source in the Turkish government for "ElDorar network," On his part, said that Turkey has taken a similar stance towards the residents of Mount Turkmen wishing to enter the country after the recent Russian attack, and it is limited to the introduction of a fraction in response to popular demands.
The source added that his government is fully aware that Russia , the Iranian and the Assad regime found the perfect solution in the suppression of the Syrian revolution is the disposal of human blocs to areas beyond their control, and saw that the camps targeting and intensifying raids on the civilian process comes in this context.
Western engagement of Russian attacks
The websites pages-viewer and the sighting of Western newspapers, would find that the majority of newspapers have hint that the responsibility of blocking the entry of refugees into its territory, without reference to the cause of this unprecedented wave of displacement, that is, the Russian warplanes, which demonstrates an unspoken consent of the United States and some Western governments about the decline of the Syrian opposition in many areas in favor of Assad's militias and the Iranian-backed militia bombed by Russian jets.

TheWestern reaction to the European Union for Turkey claims to allow the entry of refugees stranded at the border was limited, and no similar request directed to Russia in order to stop the attacks.
PYD, a Displacement partner
Suddenly, the Kurdish Protecting people's militia, the armed wing of YPG, the Kurdish Democratic Union, the Syrian branch of the PKK, to open the road between the town of Afrin City and the city of Darat Azza, for the passage of stranded on the Turkish border towards west countryside of Aleppo, and the province of Idlib.
According to Kurdish units in the city of Afrin source - who preferred not to be named for security reasons - in an interview with " ElDorar network said" that the units want to vacate the Northern Aleppo countryside of civilians as a prelude to attack prospective on the city of Azaz pretext controlled by "extremists" and free of civilians.
The source pointed out that the paper of the current pressure, however, Turkey to persuade Western capitals the need for the buffer zones and stop the Russian attacks that is forcibly internally displaced, because of Russian air strikes, while the People's Protection Units Kurdish seeking to rid Ankara of the paper, but in a different way that the world capitals that reject the idea.
There is no doubt that the biggest loser in the equation were and are still residents of areas that are exposed to attacks by the Russian barbarism, where they are between either a gunshot to the Russian jets, or  the harshness of displacement