The local council in Zabadani thank the "Army of Conquest"

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 21 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:
The Local Council of Zabadani city  issued a statement of thanks and gratitude to the Conquest Army directed for its  sacrifices to support the city of Zabadani.

The statement said: The Local Council of Zabadani city and all the events, parents and residents show the following: " our city to be exposed to a barbarian war for more than four years which destroyed both living and non-living things, decimating the  crops and cattle; where it was assailed by criminal gangs surrounded  by weapons of death and destruction."
The statement added: " thousands of thermobaric rockets , barrel bombs and hundreds of thousands of destroying shells have hit the city, while it has presented more than a thousand of dead people and thousands of injured, there hasn’t left neither a roof nor a wall."
The statement pointed out: "Our people have been subjected to forced displacement, and was placed in a big prison called the town" Madaya ", and they were thrown by barrel bombs and deadly missiles, which has happened in full view of the world."
It noted that the " Conquest Army " has provided a lot for the people of the city, in addition to the sacrifices to support our city, and therefore we do not accept any body to pretend.
The "Conquest Army" fought several military operations on "al-Fouah and Kefraya" barracks in Idlib , which contain thousands of pro- Assad militias inside, and enables control of parts of these villages, most recently desolate hill.
A scanned copy of the statement: