Al-Tofyli reveals, Iran plan in Syria and Hezbollah's internal Secrets

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 21 September, 2015
The founder of the Lebanese Hezbollah, " Al-Tofyli "
The founder of the Lebanese Hezbollah, " Al-Tofyli "

ElDorar AlShamia:
The founder of the Lebanese Hezbollah, "Sobhi Al-Tofyli , who is reluctant to the present policies of Hezbollah, " revealed the pursuit of Iran to establish an Alawites state in Syria using Lebanon's Hezbollah militia and getting the al-Quseer residents out their homes as well as the people of Zabadani to fulfill this scheme, which flows into Israel and Jewish interest.
It came in a television interview with
Al-Tofyli on the "al-Arabi al-Jadeed" channel which confirmed the depletion of Hezbollah in Syria, after turning to its role to a tool of Iran, confirming the presence of the case of severe restlessness within the Hezbollah militia which is to circumvent by funds and money and build-up of sectarian thoughts spreading rumors that if Shiites did not participate in the battles of Syria, Sunnis kill them, pointing out that the wide spreading Tashyee’e is not related to the thought of Al al-Bayt.
He said
Al-Tofyli: "Iranians are dreaming to be influential state in the region, by weakening its States especially Arabs ones, and he said to the Iranians: If you are pleased with murdering the Syrian people and tearing its people in addition to the Iraqi people, I’m telling you, who plans to tear Syria and Iraq will seek to tear you in turn because Iran is much easier to be torn than Syria and Iraq, you must save Iraq and Syria united. "