Pro-Assad crowded welcomed the Russian occupation of Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 21 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
It came out a march of pro-Assad regime, on Sunday, in the city of Banias on the Syrian coast in support of the Russian military intervention in the country.
Local sources said that the march was attended by hundreds of people roamed the streets of Banias city neighborhoods, carrying Russian flags along with the flags of Iran , Hezbollah and Syria , fired heavily in the air welcoming the Russian military intervention.
In the same context,  "Al Jazeera Net" reported that an activist said that dozens of loyalists standing on the international highway "applauding and shouting for the passage of the covered trucks carrying Russian tanks heading to either to the countryside of Latakia, , Homs or Damascus."
These manifestations of welcome and march come in support of Russia's intervention in conjunction with assurances to media and intelligence reports talking about the arrival of new batches of Russian troops to the Syrian coast, and landing of a cargo planes number in Humaimam Airport, as well as mooring several barges carrying Russian advanced military equipment in the ports of Tartous and Latakia.
Alawites hope in the coastal cities and countryside that the  Russian militarily intervention  beside Assad's forces would achieve a quick victory on the rebels, "Damascus News" page has been posted on Facebook “the end of the war in Syria”,noting that during the next few hours the Russian campaign participating by regime's army to resolve the battle.
The pro-regime page "declared a state of alert in the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov, and the initial strikes of the Russian aircraft will begin within hours  and the scales will be overthrown 180 degrees."
In contrast, an Alawites opponents believe that Russia will not intervene except to protect their interests "shall not ‘exceed its existence as a pressure process for a political solution with minimal losses."