The “al-Ansar” Brigade rejects truce of "al-Tayba" Western Ghouta

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 September, 2015
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Graphical image

ElDorar AlShamia:
The “al-Ansar” Brigade of the Syria Rebels Front announced on Saturday its rejection to the truce to be held with the Assad regime in the western town of al-Tayba in the Western Ghouta in Rif-Dimashq.
The  Brigade announced in a statement: "We are
the “al-Ansar” Brigade workeing in Western Ghouta don’t not agree to a truce in the al-Tayba town," excusing that this regime does not have neither reign nor loyalty, and they (the Brigade) do not sell the blood of the martyrs as stuff of  al-Dounia, the brigade also expressed its worries about al-Tayba to be sold as Alderkhbayh town had been sold before.
The statement warned some of those it called "mercenaries" from the al-Tayba people to  form any
entity followed the (infidel) Assad regime vowing them that there will be only the banditry crime, according  to the words of the statement.
The al-Ansar Brigade concluded  its statement promising to stand next to the al-Tayba town people if they fight this regime and defended "the religion of Allah and His Messenger," warning at the same time the” regime cunning “, according to the statement.
A photocopy of the statement: