Thousands of civilians under siege in the town of al-Hama for the 70th.Day

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 September, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
Assad's forces still stresses its blockade of the town of al-Hama in the Rif-Dimashq, which led to  the deterioration of the humanitarian and medical conditions of the thousands of civilians trapped in the town for more than two months.

Al-Hama Media Office reported that the Assad's forces continue its suffocating siege on the town from July 12th. of this year, where all its checkpoints close and prevent the entry and exit of all civilians from the people and residents of the town including the private sector employees and students who attend private and public schools or universities.
At the same time, Assad's forces refused to allow basic foodstuffs to enter such as medical, flour, gas and fuel which led to the suspension of the only bakery reserve in the town to work fully and lack of basic materials from the markets and shops that have closed down entirely while medical centers witness a severe shortage of working cadres and medical supplies.