Crucial coming hours in the Syrian Revolution path , What would you do?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 13 January, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:
We heard a lot since the Syrian Revolution turned to armed struggle for an alternative plan could be working on the Assad regime in case its field embarrassment increased , namely the establishment of an Alweit mini-state in the Syrian coast all the way to the city of Homs and some its countryside.

The Russian intervention did not come only after the Assad regime got an unprecedented critical position, so we can see now clearly the joint efforts of both the regime and Russia to establish that State, and perhaps this is what justifies the fierce unprecedented campaign  on the Turkmen and Kurds mountain rural Latakia , which today has become a serious phase by the  control of Assad militias, and the Iraqi militias, backed by Russian aggression aircraft, on parts of the strategic city of Salma.
The joint campaign of the previous parties control over the Mount Nuba in the Kurdish area, then reeds tower that separates the mountain Turkmen and Kurds, and before that at the highest liberated summit rural Latakia namely "Tower of Zahya," and now the beating heart of the Syrian revolution in Latakia, another important strongholds the rebels threatened, talking here about the city of Salma; where military sources suggested that the fall of the city that would lead to the collapse of the rest of the few remaining villages, however, the rebels in the region, especially after the control of the Assad regime on the important hills surrounding the area; what they can get firearms control.
In an exclusive interview with ElDorar Network, a military source in the Mountain of the Kurds said they faced many months ago the fiercest campaign since the beginning of the fighting in Syria, and criticized the major factions that refused to send reinforcements that would respond to any attack, confirming that it is merely sending small pieces each returned immediately.
Currently raging battles are breaking out between the rebels and the Assad regime backed by Shiite militias, in Salma city, besieged four sides, and is likely to be the coming hours, the most sensitive in the formulation of the conditions of the Syrian coast area, and therefore in the course of the Syrian revolution, either the rebel factions, especially the larger ones such as: Ahrar al-Sham , Al-Nusra Front, and Jaysh al-Islam to remedy the situation and work on stripping the and its allies of the independent statelet paper, or the Assad regime will approach the Geneva negotiations and in its hand a large block subject to its control and becomes capable to negotiate for it, and collect the biggest gain in Syria by imposing a fait accompli, So what are you doing?