Warplanes of Assad regime committed a massacre in the city of Idlib

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 18 September, 2015
Assad regime flight targeting the city of Idlib today
Assad regime flight targeting the city of Idlib today

ElDorar AlShamia:
Assad continued to carry out, on Friday, bombing of the city of Idlib and the surrounding towns, which resulted in deaths and injuries among civilians.
Where military aviation targeted residential neighborhoods in Idleb using explosive rockets, which led to the occurrence of seven victims and wounding dozens.
As Assad regime warplanes also targeted the towns of Bennish, Khan Shaykhun , Altmanah Tal-Ataiwkan  towns and Toum village in the Idlib countryside, but there were no information on casualties or victims.
It is worth mentioning that the ElDorar correspondent reported earlier that the factions of the operations room in " Conquest Army " opened a new assault on the al-Fouah barrack in Idlib countryside, a stronghold of the Shiite militias to support the Assad regime by targeting the  it by "4 carts bomb."