The Killer and his allies are using a new weapon against Syrians

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 7 January, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

The world may be accustomed on the scenes of the destruction ,blood , body parts of children and women of Syrians, and perhaps the Assad regime was able for long periods to convince the world which is already looking for an excuse to its silence, that the missiles only target terrorists, but which was nor familiar or can be justified  by the Assad regime or its allies the tragic images coming from the city of Madaya rural Damascus near the Lebanese border, where “semi-people” died after being turned into skeletons as a result of severe hunger and loss of nutrition.
The Lebanese Hezbollah militia shares the Assad regime tightening #Madaya city siege , which includes more than 40 thousand people, most of them displaced from Zabadani city suffered a fierce campaign by the two allies, led to its destruction almost completely.
The private sources inside Madaya confirmed to ElDorar AlShamia network that the regime and Hezbollah surrounded the city with mines and snipers to prevent people to get out toward the nearby orchards, pointing out that the humanitarian situation reached its peak, where civilians have resorted to eat whatever is available even from weeds, insects, and recorded the last few days fall of more than 8 victims as a result of malnutrition.
The main efforts of the Assad regime and its allies in the process of starving the population in Madaya area and Beqeen are summed up by pressing on the people of the region, especially fighters, light weapons gunmen originally in order to hand over the region, and therefore the final out of the equation of the Syrian Revolution that as long as Hezbollah and the Assad regime together shed because of its strategic location.
It should be noted the entire silence by the United Nations or international organizations towards what is happening, with the exception of one initiative of the organization "Avaz", which was launched to collect signatures for a campaign to lift the siege of Madaya.